Musical Instrument Repairs and Service

At our shop in Aylesbury, we offer a number of on-site guitar services and repairs. We are also a 'hub' for off site repairs and technical services for other instruments. Below is a list of services that we offer, along with guide prices.

Guitar Services

Re-string service for electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitars - £15 plus price of strings (e.g. for an electric guitar to be restrung with Super Slinky strings, the cost would be £22.25). Completed on-site, usually with a 30 minute turnaround time.

We can also complete minor services on-site including truss rod adjustment, jack-socket replacement, nut and saddle replacement for classical guitars. Minimum bench charge £5

More advanced services such as full set-ups, fret dress, pickup replacement etc. are done off-site by a professional luthier. For more details please ask a member of staff in our shop.

Violin/Bowed String Services

We can restring violins, violas and cellos for £10 plus price of strings (total cost with Hidersine strings £27.99). We can also supply and fit most parts for a £5 minimum bench charge. We do not restring bows, although a new bow is only £19.99.

Brass & Woodwind

We have a brass and woodwind repairer who collects from us every Wednesday, and brings back the following Wednesday. Price on assessment, can include anything from a general service to repairs and repadding. Please bring along your instrument where we can keep it safe until it is collected on a Wednesday.

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